About me

Marco Ciccone was born in 1960 in Rome. He began to study music when he was five years old and took his own diploma as pianist with Gloria Lanni with the best marks and congratulations. He obtained also degrees as orchestra conductor with Daniele Paris, as composer with Giampaolo Chiti, Roman Vlad and Teresa Procaccini. Besides he studied organ with Giuseppe Agostini and attended various masterclasses held by Massimiliano Damerini. In 1987 he won the “Béla Bartók competition”. He performed a lot of music of twentieth century as Bartók’s Sonata for two pianos and percussion, Stravinsky’s Concerto for piano and winds instruments and others important pieces, also for RAI (italian national radio and television).

Because of his wide musical interest, that goes beyond playing, he has also done some transcriptions and arrangements; some of them have been played on slovenian television. His orchestration of the Creston Sonata op.19 (he has directed the first performance) was performed in Turkey and the U.S.A. and was chosen for the final concert of the 55th Annual Young Artists Competition (Quincy, Illinois). Some of his works have been broadcasted on Slovenian National Television.

Since 1984 he teachs in italian conservatories.


Polska Muza – June 16, 2011
Chopin, polish-italian – by Maria Karwat

[…] it should be noted how much work the pianist Marco Ciccone put in the concert… Pieces played by him during this musical event were very difficult, both technically and in terms of interpretation but the roman artist performed all flawlessly… The concert was certainly very interesting and worthy of attention, both because of the interesting compositions and a very good pianist […]

L’eco di Bergamo – March 13, 2010
Il pianoforte trova casa agli Incontri europei – by Bernardino Zappa

[…] In the course of almost thirty editions, “Incontri europei con la musica” did not give much space to piano recitals. The reasons are the characteristics of the event, most attentive to explore unfrequented fields, and that Bergamo’s citizens generally enjoy piano recitals in other places, even at high levels. But the concert of Marco Ciccone, very unusual, had the prerogative to find room even in the event hosted in Sala Piatti. On the one hand the pianist has  traditionally set his concert with a number of wellknown authors, on the other has proposed pieces of the XXI century, one of them has been played for the first time in the concert…
Ciccone has proved to have a perfect feeling with the “objectivity” cold and yearning, almost a frozen tenderness, in the Sonata n. 2 of Hindemith, finding lightness and sharpness very precise… still Ciccone – who performed the entire program from memory, a no common thing for this kind of repertoire – has shown full harmony with the soft hypnosis of Messiaen (Le Baiser de l’Enfant-Jésus), in the flow of varied sound […]

Abruzzo oggi – April 10, 2008
Ciccone: quando la musica è vera arte – by Chiara Coppa Zuccari

…he has been able to create a great variety of resonances…his performance of Bartok’s Sonata has been very exciting…an contemporary and original point of view also in the interpretation of classical repertory…

Spettacolando – January 10, 2007
Un abruzzese a Londra

The concert held by the mezzo-soprano Alba Riccioni and the pianist Marco Ciccone in the Italian Culture Institute last January 10 has been greatly appreciated by the public… the two musicians have performed the most famous romances by Francesco Paolo Tosti…

Il Centro – April 27, 1990
Musa dei giovani; trionfo a Pescara – by Walter Tortoreto

…the excellent soprano Antonella Muscente sang very difficult Lieder well supported by pianist Marco Ciccone…

Corriere della sera – September 21, 1988
Nella Basilica di San Marco, musica  sacra – by L. Bell.

[…] the pianist Marco Ciccone has played the fifteenth and nineteenth episodes of “Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus” of Messiaen making these moments shine gloriously with contemplative ecstasy and with proper relational phonics […]

L’Unità – February 18, 1988
Una festa a Virgilio Mortari – by Erasmo Valente

…”Due canti d’amore” by Virgilio Mortari were very well performed by the singer Elvira Mirabelli and the pianist Marco Ciccone…

L’Unità – January 9, 1988
Il pianoforte vola con Bartók – by Erasmo Valente

The public greatly appreciates Marco Ciccone, a new and unknown pianist… With him music borders on the infinity, the coastal shore of a new musical continent which the interpreter tries to make known to us. He goes beyond normal conventions… in the auditorium there was a delightful feeling of surprise and a little embarassment… as in his way of interpreting the score he was pushing it to the limit… The pianist displayed an inedited, unknown, disenchanted Bach, at last rescued from a strict idea of interpretation that confines the inner world. He then gave to the Variations of Brahms on Händel’s theme the splendour of an enchanting and flourishing sound. Webern’s Variations op. 27 and Schönberg’s Six little pieces op. 19 were enveloped by a magic sonority, instead the sounds of the piece “De la nuit” by Salvatore Sciarrino were springing from a fountain fed by Ravel. A dazzling Bartok has sealed the success of a pianist deeply immersed in a personal vision of the musical world. A good beginning auspicious for this new year, with a sonority so different, so meditated and not defiled…

Agenda Città – January 3, 1988
La musica a tutto campo nei “Concerti di Capodanno”

[…] his technical and interpretative skill has put in evidence the thematic development of the Variations of Brahms on a theme of Händel and the pieces of the Mikrokosmois of Bela Bartók.

Psicoanalisi Contro – December 10, 1987
(Dove) andrai farfallone amoroso… – by Sandro Gindro e Renzo Rossi

[…] the young pianist Marco Ciccone has always been efficient in his performances. He has a vigorous sonority, plays with a robust balance and to us is able to catch the meaning of contemporary music.

Il Centro – July 17, 1987
Festa di pianoforti da tutta Italia a Casoli – by Walter Tortoreto

Marco Ciccone has performed in an impeccable way the op. 19 of Schönberg… the young artist displays the musical idea with phrasing, sonority, structure of each piece and the result of his artistic operations is always very interesting […]

April 1987
Un ottimo “concerto cocktail” – by Paolo Di Vincenzo

[…] of Marco Ciccone we can only say that he has played with perfect elegance and delicacy and that we would like he would play as soloist also […]

August 1985
Spoltore ensemble ’85 – by Alessio Di Benedetto

[…] Marco Ciccone has played wonderfully underlining different meanings of the musical text, in a perfect harmony with the singer […]

L’Unità – June 1983
Invasa l’Ungheria da “mostri” italiani – by Erasmo Valente

[…] Marco Ciccone gave a strong performance to the bitter Suite op.14 of Bartók, a grandiose and intense sonority, aggressive and grieved, obtained with extraordinary intuition and skill […]